Random: No, The World Ends With You Sequel Is Not A Persona 5 Rip-Off

As you’ve likely seen by now, Square Enix has announced a sequel to the Nintendo DS classic, The World Ends With You.

Not long after NEO: The World Ends With You for the Switch and PlayStation 4 was revealed, Persona 5 began trending on social media platforms like Twitter. The reason? As noted by Gamerant, some people think The World Ends With You sequel looks a little too similar to P5, which has resulted in the topic blowing up online.

It didn’t take long for TWEWY fans to point out that the original DS title was released well before the existence of P5.

One similarity that keeps popping up is that both JRPGs are set in Tokyo and feature the Shibuya shopping district. The aesthetics of both games are also being compared quite a bit. A lot of tweets are now joking about how everything is a Persona 5 rip-off, according to this game’s fanbase.

Again though, TWEWY was released in 2007 – about nine years ahead of Persona 5’s original release on PlayStation platforms. Perhaps at best, it’s drawn some inspiration – even then, this sequel seems to simply be staying true to the original’s design. What do you make of all this? Leave a comment down below.