Where do you think Kawhi Leonard will sign?

Independence Day passed with a nary a word from the silentest member of the NBA

There are a dozen players holding up deciding where to sign until Kawhi picks. There is hours and hours of sports network speculation. There was even an O. J. Simpson style tailing of who we can only assume was Kawhi last Wednesday.

Where will he sign? Do you care one way or the other? I know as Spurs fans we may not have a vested interest in his career, but his team for the next season can have impact on the NBA, and that’s why Spurs fans will have thoughts on the subject.

Jalen Rose is 99% sure he’s staying with Toronto, And to be honest, last time Rose was confident, he wasn’t wrong.

Now that they have identified that nasty person who licked the Blue Bell ice cream, we can put this to rest and I can get back to pretending not to care about Kawhi Leonard.

What do you think?

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Where do you think Kawhi Leonard will sign?
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