Random: Sleepy At Work? Put Your Head In Gengar’s Gob With This New “Pokémon Sleeping Companion”

Mike Chiari Nintendo

Gengar "Sleeping Companion"© Bandai

Pokémon has given us some pretty incredible consumer products in recent years, such as a Snorlax plush which is literally large enough to sleep on.

The company that created that particular dream product, Premium Bandai, is back with yet another Pocket Monster-related plush that we didn’t know we needed: the Gengar “Sleeping Companion.”

The idea here is that you rest your head inside Gengar’s mouth and roll out his 5.5-foot long tongue to lie on (or wrap yourself in, if you’d prefer). As you can see from the promotional images, the applications for this product are seemingly endless.

Gengar "Sleeping Companion"© Bandai

It’s expecting to launch around June time in Japan, and will cost 25,950 yen (around £183 / $250). As the Google-translated product page so eloquently puts it:

Are sleeping in the tongue of Gengar!? Gengar is finally here!! You want absolutely licked… into Gengar of the mouth while sleeping on the Gengar tongue!! About to be licked Now everyone in Gengar.

Well said.