Open Thread: Marcus Morris’ decision not to come to Spurs may have caused Rich Paul a client

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After passing on the Clippers and Spurs, Marcus Morris has dropped Rich Paul as well.

As we are all aware, after the Spurs re-signed Rudy Gay, DeMarre Carroll committed to the Spurs. Instead of taking him through free agency, a savvy three-team trade was designed that sent Davis Bertans to Washington, D.C. The Brooklyn Nets in turn received rights to Wizards forward Aaron White, and DeMarre Carroll came to the San Antonio Spurs for 3-years at $20M, adding another year and $7M to what he’d agreed to.

This deal then allowed the Spurs to make room for another free agent – enter Marcus Morris, Sr.

Morris was set to join the Spurs on a 2-year, $20M contract but reneged after the New York Knicks rejiggered their salary cap to make room for Morris to receive $15M for one year. In a financial comparison (considering cost of living and state taxes), what Morris would have received would roughly come out even. But one benefit of the Knicks deal included that the $15M would be guaranteed were New York to trade him mid-season.

Eventually, it was revealed that the elder Morris twin in fact never wanted to come to San Antonio, and felt he had not been fully briefed on the San Antonio deal. His agent, Rich Paul, did want him to keep the deal and play in San Antonio.

Before the San Antonio fiasco, it was reported that Morris had been offered $41M by the Los Angeles Clippers, but Rich Paul turned that down to keep LeBron James from having more competition within his own conference.

Whether it was passing on the Clippers, being pushed toward the Spurs, or another unexplained reason, Marcus Morris fired Rich Paul on Monday after agreeing to join the Knicks.

The Spurs rescinded their offer to Morris and instead signed Trey Lyles to a 2-year, $11M contract.

The signing of Lyles completes the Spurs 15 man rotation as well as the two available two-way contracts.

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Open Thread: Marcus Morris’ decision not to come to Spurs may have caused Rich Paul a client
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