Is Texas a cult? Viral TikTok video seems to support the theory

If you’re active on Twitter, you’ve probably stumbled across a post asking users what’s something that’s not a cult but seems like it.

TikTok user nakedblacksmith has an answer that may come as a bit of a shock: Texas.


#stitch with @gabbgoudy pretty sure I joined a cult by moving here #texas #texaspride #cult #Productivity #MakeItMagical #VivaCleanHacks #zyxcba

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Now, it’s important to note that even though nakedblacksmith is pretty sure he joined a cult by relocating here, he loves it anyway.

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“Texans have more pride in their state than most mothers do in their children,” he began. “Literally 90 percent of the houses and vehicles have a Texas outline or a Texas star on them.”

They even have their own clubhouses, he continued: Whataburger and Buc-ee’s. I’d like to add that while I don’t necessarily agree with our great state being a cult — the love for these two staples does run extremely deep.

“Now you tell me that’s not a cult,” he said.

The new Texan feels so strongly about his theory that he created a second video to further prove his point.


Texas cult Part 2, don’t get me wrong because I love it here ##texas ##westtexas ##texaspride ##MakeItMagical ##HaventSeen ##zyxcba ##fypage

♬ original sound – JB Rustic Forge

“Did you know H-E-B is voted the best grocery store in the United States, and it’s only in Texas?” he began. “That means that the rest of the other 49 states combined couldn’t come up with enough votes to beat out Texas voting H-E-B as the best grocery store.”

In case that isn’t enough, Texas has “its own pledge that they say right after the pledge of allegiance in schools,” he said.

Not to mention the fact that Texas can fly its flag at the same height as the American flag, according to the viral TikTok video. It just goes to show how much more important Texas is compared to other states in the country.

Who cares if Texas is a cult? It’s not our fault other states aren’t as proud of their culture.

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