Coach Pop reportedly tipped a Memphis waiter $5,000

Just another look inside kind side of Coach Pop.

Gregg Popovich may be known as an old curmudgeon on the court and in front of the media, but everyone knows there’s another kinder, caring, fatherly side to him. That side appeared to show itself again when a Reddit user posted a picture of an $815.73 receipt with a $5,000 tip, followed by what appears to be the Spurs coach’s signature, according to the San Antonio Express News.

The receipt is from McEwen’s: a popular wine bar in downtown Memphis that Pop frequently visits, according to its owner. Although neither side has confirmed the authenticity of this particular receipt, there are plenty of reasons to believe it is legit.

Though coach Pop has not confirmed the transaction, a number of factors give this tale authenticity: The handwriting appears to match, the Spurs were in town for games on April 20 and 22 and the FedEx Forum is only blocks away from McEwen’s, which is known for its wine selection.

This wouldn’t be the first time Coach Pop has been extremely generous with his tipping, and if it is legit, and just a deeper look inside the heart of a head coach who prefers to keep his good deeds mostly anonymous.

Source: Pounding The Rock

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