Twitter mocks Ted Cruz as snow storm hits Texas Panhandle

Megan Armstrong San Antonio News

The Texas panhandle faced a “freak” snow storm that could have caused delays for Thanksgiving travelers this weekend, and some people on Twitter are taking the opportunity to mock Sen. Ted Cruz. Tweets at Cruz are reminding him of the time he attempted to flee to Cancun during the deadly winter storm in 2021, Newsweek reports.

“Major snow storm is going to dump on Texas. Are you packed?” tweeted one person.

Winter Storm Uri hit in February 2021, leaving millions of Texas residents without power and access to water, and a death toll of over 240 people. During that time, someone took a photo of Cruz at the airport on his way to Cancun with his family, a trip that he later admitted was a bad idea. 

Another Twitter user tweeted out a story about the snow storm asking, “Anyone know where Ted Cruz is heading?”

Another asked if Cruz has booked his flight to Mexico.

Cruz has been mocked in other way since his Cancun trip, earning him the nickname “Fled Cruz” and inspiring costumes on Halloween.

As of Friday, November 25, the National Weather Service says that Amarillo and surrounding panhandle areas are only facing a snow and rain mixture but have mostly avoided any accumulative snowfall. The predictions of a snow dump fell short, but the Farmers’ Almanac predicts significant amounts of snow to hit Texas this year.