This Sealed Super Mario Bros. Could Become The Most Expensive Video Game Collectable Ever

ExVl66VUYAE8pUD© Nintendo

Remember last year, when we reported that a sealed copy of Super Mario Bros. on the NES sold for an eye-watering $114,000 at auction? Well, there’s another copy being auctioned at the moment which currently stands at $310,000 – and it still has seven days remaining before the auction closes.

Assuming that the price rises in the next few days, there’s a very real chance that a copy of one of the most common NES games will become the most expensive video game collectable of all time, surpassing even the Nintendo PlayStation – of which there is currently only one known unit on the open market.

For the sake of comparison, there are 40.24 million copies of Super Mario Bros. in the world (not including the re-releases).

Like the one which sold for $114,000, this edition has a cardboard hang tab, but is a later production run.

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