Care For A Variety Of Furry Friends In Animal Doctor, Out Today On Switch

Launching today on Nintendo Switch is Animal Doctor, the latest title to take a crack at Nintendogs-style animal care gameplay.

In Animal Doctor, you’ll choose your in-game character before starting a first-person adventure of sorts. At first, you’ll be training as an intern learning the ropes, but before long you’ll be treating pets and farm animals, feeding wild animals, and more.

While the trailer above doesn’t exactly ooze with quality in terms of the game’s animations, it does seem to offer a wealth of content. Take a look at this feature list – you’ll be travelling on horseback to discover side missions and collecting ingredients to craft recipes among other things.

  • A unique adventure for the whole family, allowing you to engage fully in 1st person mode after choosing your in-game character.
  • An array of exciting assignments lies ahead where you will be tested by examining, treating, feeding and caring for a wide variety of animals.
  • Special tasks will help to grow and improve your skills; providing many realistic experiences: Feed wild animals, rescue ducks and many more sub-missions will challenge you while working out the best ways to treat the patients.
  • Explore, find and then collect the ingredients to help create medicines and natural remedies for your sick friends.
  • Additional experiences are available allowing you to go from riding your horse over wide fields, treating sick animals through to distributing milk and cheese to those in need! Go even further and explore the forest, but be careful because wild and untamed animals could be dangerous.
  • The lifestyle of a working vet with a huge variety of animals to care for wait for you here. Improve your animal knowledge, learn new skills and enjoy the personal rewards these bring.

You can grab Animal Doctor from the Switch eShop today for $19.99. Alternatively, My Universe – PET CLINIC CATS & DOGS is actually discounted at the moment to a similar price, so the choice is yours.

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