Submit your questions for PtR mailbag #3

J.R. Wilco will be answering your questions from somewhere in the Portland area.

I’m writing this from 40,000 feet, on the Southwest flight I’m taking from Austin to Portland (connection in Phoenix) with my oldest son to see Monday’s total eclipse. It feels pretty pretentious to start a piece like this, but I couldn’t resist seeing as I write a good 99% of my posts with my feet firmly planted on the ground, or just barely off the floor while I sit back in the blue recliner in my living room.

Anyway, it’s a perfect time to jet around, now that Kawhi Leonard is on his tour of China, spreading goodwill and Kawhi Tho awareness in his wake. He also was voted Best Defender by his fellow NBA players, not that he’s taking any notice. Pop also got a Player’s Voice Award, but his came with a fun name: Coach You’d Most Like to Play For, which I just love because it make me think that Kawhi’s award should be renamed “Player You’d Least Like to Defend You.” Also, Manu won the Spurs Best Teammate because that’s what he is.

I don’t know when I’m going to be on FB Live to answer your questions because I’ve leaving it open in case I’m able to meet up with any Portland area Spurs fans. If I am, then I’ll answer some questions while I hang out with them.

So the comments section will be dual purpose this time around, you can leave your questions and you can tell me if you life in Portland and want to meet up, (or you can reach out to me on Twitter if you like — for the meetup, not the questions).

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