San Antonio man spotted wearing shower curtain contraption instead of mask

If you’ve seen a tall man walking around town wearing a contraption surrounded by a shower curtain, you’re not alone.

Reddit user u/MichaelG4 shared a video he secretly took of the man while dining at Sea Island. In the video, you can see the man, who has not been identified, filling up his cup at the drink station. Seems normal enough, right? Well, the man also has a halo of sorts floating around his head that allows him to be enclosed by a clear shower curtain.

Oh, and he’s wearing a highlighter-yellow vest, on which he’s spelled out “6 Feet 4 Life” in what appears to be tape.

According to comments on the post, this seems to be a regular getup for the man.

“He shops at my [T]arget from time to time,” said one user, who added that they had seen him in his COVID-friendly outfit as early as last summer. Others commented that they had seen the mystery man at Ingram Park Mall and H-E-B as well.

Some people had feelings about the display.

“I would expect something like this in Austin, not San Antonio,” one comment read.

But alas, that’s where things get interesting. Another user note that the contraption probably isn’t actually for protection, especially considering the man isn’t wearing a mask in the video. Instead, some believe the display is nothing more than a gimmick poking fun at individuals taking precautions to avoid COVID-19.

“I’ve talked to this guy a couple times,” said a commenter by the name of Wayne. “It’s a ‘joke’ he’s making about maskers. He’s very right-minded and loves getting attention.”

Well, he’s definitely going to get some attention after this.

“When you try too hard to own the libs and end up owning yourself,” another comment read.

Sir, you played yourself.

Have you seen this man? Are you amused? Let us know!

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