Open Thread: Who are Spurs fans rooting for in the second round?

Or, like me, do you tend to ‘root against’?

I have often ranked the 30 NBA teams in order of how I back them on winning a championship.

#1- The San Antonio Spurs of course.

#2-29- Anyone other than the Golden State Warriors.

#30- I’ll just switch over to baseball a little early, thank you.

There are four current match-ups in the NBA playoffs. Eight teams with Championship dreams.

In the Western Conference, the one seed Golden State Warriors are hosting the fourth seed Houston Rockets. After vanquishing the Spurs in the only seven-game series of the first round, the Denver Nuggets are hosting the Portland Trail Blazers.

In the Easter Conference, the top seed Milwaukee Bucks and playing the Boston Celtics while the second seed Toronto Raptors play against the third seed Philadelphia 76ers.

As mentioned yesterday, a number of former Spurs are playing in the east.

So, as a Spurs fan, are you rooting for anyone as the playoffs continue?

I realize of course the answer may not be so cut and dry. Last year, I was rooting for the Rockets as they took on the Warriors, but I would not take either with this many choices still available.

Perhaps we should break it down by match up:

And in the Easter Conference:

Take the polls and check back to see how your fellow Pounders are voting.

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Open Thread: Who are Spurs fans rooting for in the second round?
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