Open Thread: Spurs players updated a playground alongside students from S.A. Youth

Drew Eubanks, Chimezie Metu, Ben Moore and Lonnie Walker IV will spend today offering community service

Last Thursday, Spurs Sports and Entertainment ambassadors Lonnie Walker IV, Chimezie Metu, Drew Eubanks, and Ben Moore lent their time and painting skills to SA Youth as the four athletes painted exterior walls to the playground on the property as well as covering some bench seating in the main gathering room of the building.

Jeph Duarte

Jeph Duarte

Jeph Duarte

Jeph Duarte

SA Youth strives to create opportunity for all children to succeed. They currently serve 1500 students, most below poverty level, in 10 locations offering after school programs that include serving dinner. This year their Youth Build Program – which takes young adults who have dropped out and offers tutoring, gets them paid internships and introduces tools they need to earn a diploma- is graduating 31 students.

The center and its affiliates depend on donations and partnerships to keep their doors open and their support consistent. There are so many ways to give. It costs roughly $1500 a year per student to offer all of these amenities for free.

SA Youth, which has been supporting these types of programs for the last 35 years, partnered with the Spurs over the last year-and-a-half to bring more awareness to the great work they are doing.

During a press gaggle, Lonnie Walker IV shared a little on his experience on the day:

I had an amazing time just spending time with these kids. I have a similar background I know what it is like, I know what it is and to have to something like this where people watch over you and take care of you and make sure everything is positive. It goes a long way to the fact that I could be here, participate, and help out. It was fantastic.

He went on to share

“It means more than the world. I was told . . . my grandmother gave me a really important quote- ‘you’re great at basketball, you’re great as a person, but what determines your greatness is what you do and how you change people’s lives.’ I live by that. I stay by that. And that’s all I need . . . I’m all about changing the world and making a difference.”

To volunteer or donate, please visit SAYouth’s website. I guarantee it will warm your heart to see the great work that is going on at 1215 W. Poplar.

Join the Spurs and Lonnie Walker IV in making a difference. It takes so little to give so much.

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Open Thread: Spurs players updated a playground alongside students from S.A. Youth
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