Open Thread: Spurs and the 27.4 second meltdown

The Spurs season is officially over

Forget the 20% shooting in the first quarter, or the 22% for the half. Put aside Jamal Murray and Nikola Jokic running the exact same play for the entire game. Ignore that Derrick White never returned in the 4th quarter with the starters.

What happened on that last possession? DeMar DeRozan missed his shot, Jokic pulled the rebound, and then nobody fouled. Essentially, the Nuggets held a four point lead until Murray’s final shot which only gave the Spurs 3.4 seconds to make 4 points.

In no way was that a realistic game plan.

If you watch Pop in the final seconds, you can see him calling for the foul.

“Obviously, he didn’t hear anybody because he didn’t foul.”

No one heard him. But five professional basketball players on the court and not one of them realized they had to foul to create any chance of staying in the game?

A full hardwood defensive mental meltdown is a sad way to end the season.

I’m going to to take this Sunday to myself and come back tomorrow with a positive outlook on the entire season and an excited disposition toward the next.

Thank you for a great season, Spurs. Lots to be proud of, and a thing or two to grow on.

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Open Thread: Spurs and the 27.4 second meltdown
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