Open Thread: Re-imagining Andrew Wiggins with the Spurs

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What a difference a year can make.

Early this year, January 19th to be exact, I wrote a piece about bringing Andrew Wiggins to the San Antonio Spurs. Without Kawhi Leonard, the Spurs had a gaping hole at the three spot and there Wiggins was in Minneapolis with a ton of untapped potential.

One hundred and thirty-six comments later, the “no”s resounded clearly from the comments section. Even my editor-in-chief J. R. Wilco suggested I run future trade ideas by him before posting into the stratosphere.

One major rejection was his price tag. The 5-year, $147,710,050 arrangement increases each year starting with last season’s $25.5M and concluding in his final season at $33.6M. And I agreed at the time that the cost was a gamble.

But now, it doesn’t seem like such a gamble. As a successful player, a locked-in five-season rate could very well seem like chump change by 2022. If, and only if, Wiggins is worth being a top-paid player.

So far this season, Andrew Wiggins is averaging 6.7 points per game higher than last year. He is also posting career bests in assists, rebounds, and blocks. His mid-range field goal percentage and effective percentage are both trending up and yet his minutes have not significantly changed.

And if you’ve watched Andrew Wiggins, he just looks better. Many of the 2019 article’s comments dissected his appearance, demeanor, and visually perceptible attitude. In over half of his appearances this season, he’s scored 25 or more. His connection with Karl-Anthony Towns during his last visit to San Antonio was palpable.

And that’s where this conversation is begging for a reboot.

Bright Side of the Sun (the Phoenix Suns counterpart to Pounding the Rock) posted “Karl-Anthony Towns ‘Unhappy’ in Minnesota”. This duo may not be playing together much longer.

With the possibility of trades for KAT, do the T-wolves go for a complete overhaul? Will Wiggins be on the market? Could Minnesota look to trade them both? Or just clear their plate.

At his moment, Wiggins salary is $27.5M. DeMar DeRozan’s is is $26.5. Would the Timberwolves be interested in unloading Wiggins’ long-term contract for DeRozan’s expiring one?

What do you think, Pounders? One year later, is Wiggins still the unanimous terrible decision? Or would he blend nicely with a young core, a couple of string vets, and the greatest NBA coach to currently still hold a clipboard?

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Open Thread: Re-imagining Andrew Wiggins with the Spurs
Open Thread: Re-imagining Andrew Wiggins with the Spurs

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