Highlights from Spurs OT win over the Warriors to close out 2019

Looks like the shooting work is paying off for Dejounte | Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

There were plenty of fireworks inside (and outside) the arena as the New Year was ushered in

In light of the Warriors’ recent run of titles, last night’s Spurs win was a good reminder that Golden State is only 3-29 in the AT&T Center. Despite San Antonio playing down to the level of their competition this year, the team’s ability to generate more opportunities tonight helped immensely. “Second chance points! That’s the ballgame!” Warriors play-by-play Bob Fitzgerald wistfully expressed postgame.

Here are 14 highlights (for the number of wins so far) to take you into the New Year of Spurs basketball:

Patty Mills — Here he is demonstrating his higher level of hustle in the first half:

Did someone order a Mills-to-Jakob Poeltl pick-and-roll Jak-Jam? We did:

And since it’s winter season, Patty putting Marquese Chriss on skates was something to behold:

LaMarcus Aldridge — Though more 3-pointers is on Aldridge’s menu for the New Year, let’s not forget he’s accumulated a good chunk of his 15,213 points this past decade in the paint:

This version of LMA is also necessary:

Dejounte Murray — During his overtime explosion, Warriors analyst Kelenna Azubuike (“he is not a good 3 point shooter!”) expressed surprise about Murray’s ability to shoot. Yet 7 points and 1 assist later, he led San Antonio to the win.

This shot, while under duress, put the Spurs comfortably ahead in the extra frame:

Murray’s work on the boards should help reduce wear-and-tear on the Spurs bigs:

DeMar DeRozan — Leave it to the player having his most efficient season so far to keep the Warriors at bay with his shooting and play-making down the stretch, like this one over all-time defender Draymond Green:

DeMar also found trailing shooters in transition several times last night:

Bryn Forbes — This is the version of Bryn will hopefully show up more consistently in the New Year:

This action would make Klay Thompson proud:

Lonnie Walker IV — Of course no highlight reel would be complete without our “Human Highlight Film.” On top of the eye-popping plays at the rim, Lonnie’s shooting is what will grant him playing time when it matters:

We can envision a future where Poeltl inhales shots at the rim, while our athletic wings deter shots on the perimeter:

However, these are the plays that really get our hopes and excitement up:

And if you’re looking for the ultimate decade highlight, here’s Warriors coach Steve Kerr’s callback to our 2014 title run — one he identified as “one of the most impressive feats” he’s seen:

See you all Thursday evening for Spurs/Thunder, Pounders! Happy New Year!

Highlights from Spurs OT win over the Warriors to close out 2019
Highlights from Spurs OT win over the Warriors to close out 2019

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