Open Thread: LaMarcus Aldridge and H.E.B. hosted a back-to-school party today at the local Boys and Girls Club

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The Spurs big man got students started off with generous donation toward their education.

As you may remember, back in 2015 before LaMarcus had ever suited up and played with the Spurs, he’d already teamed up with H.E.B. to pass out backpacks with school supplies at the George Gervin Academy.

“We’re just trying to help the kids get started off with school right,” Aldridge said. “This is a new community for me, so I want to get off to a good start.”

On Friday, LaMarcus did it again. This time hemade a surprise appearance at the Calderon Branch of the Boys and Girls Club. Once again, H.E.B. outfitted each of the over 200 students with backpacks stuffed with necessary school supplies, but then LaMarcus added his own personal touch.

LaMarcus personally purchased 300 iPads to hand out to each and every student in attendance at the Boys and Girls Club.

“They said backpacks and I am very grateful to H. E. B. helping me out…I said let’s do something better. You know what, let’s do iPads. My kids love iPads.”

The Boys and Girls Club is nothing new to LaMarcus. As a child, he benefitted from the safety and consistency of his local chapter.

“I have a history with them. It was a place I used to go when I was younger to feel safe and keep myself out of trouble. I know most of the kids here nee things. It’s an environment where kids are trying to stay out of trouble. It’s always nice to try to help them out.”

Boys and Girls Clubs are strategically placed in neighborhoods with a high need. There are over 400 members at the Calderon branch. Citywide there are over 8,000 people benefitting from the facilities and programs offered through the club.

“We are in the neighborhoods we are in because families struggle to make ends meet. It’s not that parents don’t want to buy school supplies and backpacks for their kids. Sometimes it’s a choice between food on the table and school supplies.” Angie Mock, CEO of Boys and Girls Clubs of San Antonio.

Since his initial back-to-school appearance, LaMarcus has become involved with the city he has called home for the last four seasons.

“It’s a lot of kids and people in this city that need help so I always try to find my way to give back. This year, I wanted to do a little bit more with the iPads. I love giving back. Kids are always important so I love doing it for sure.”

LaMarcus hung around with the children for the greater part of the morning. After the initial presentation, students were escorted to a space where H.E.B. had tables of age-appropriate books that were added to their backpacks.

The Spurs POSSE (People of Spurs Sports & Entertainment) helped pass out backpacks and the iPads. Afterward, they hosted a photo booth a healthy snack of fresh veggies, and more supplies- notebooks, lunch boxes, wristbands, and pencils.

“You always have to give back. There’s a lot of kids that need things, everything, so being able to give back just feels amazing. When I grew up I didn’t have much, having a place like this to go to, having resources just makes things better out there.”

LaMarcus is as consistent with his dedication to San Antonio as he is to consistently upping his game. Although his offseason has been spent preparing to make the 2019-2020 Spurs season epic, he still took time to brighten the day for the youth of the Boys and Girls Club.

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Open Thread: LaMarcus Aldridge and H.E.B. hosted a back-to-school party today at the local Boys and Girls Club
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