Open Thread: Happy birthday, George Gervin

The Iceman is keeping it cool as he celebrates his 67th.

“What’s cooler and being cool? Ice cold” –Andre 3000

There was an era, young bucks, before your time. Before DeMar DeRozan. Before Timmy . . . and Manu . . . and Tony. Before David Robinson came in to save a struggling small franchise.

The shorts were short. The socks were jacked up. Afros were full and glorious. The players were wiry and wily. And George Gervin was the king in San Antonio.

#44 was the first superstar of the San Antonio Spurs franchise. He’s the second player in Spurs history to have his jersey hanging in the rafters.

To get the real feel, you have to check out the highlights.

George Gervin has meant so much to this franchise that he has been immortalized in a mural at Rudy’s Seafood.

His iconic ice throne was so enthralling to my daughter that we have been studying the Iceman together. I eventually got her a Gervin photo and had the celebrated guard even sign it for her.

There’s also an animated film that commemorates George Gervin’s 1978 scoring title.

The happy-go-lucky Michigan native has made a career out of San Antonio businesses Mother’s Window Tint, Window World, Brake Check, car commercials, and even a national Gatorade ad with Dwyane Wade.

As an educator, Ice is known for starting his own education facilities, the George Gervin Academy.

At times outspoken, Gervin responded to the news that Klay Thompson had bested his single-quarter scoring record.

So, today, raise a glass to the man who put the San Antonio Spurs on the map, gave the city a legitimate star, and stayed to make the city a better place for all of us.

Happy birthday, Iceman.

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Open Thread: Happy birthday, George Gervin
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