Minecraft Gets Rural With Free ‘Farm Life’ Mod

Mining in Minecraft is so 2020. We’re all about farming, now. Put aside your pickaxe and pick up your shovel; it’s time to get agricultural up in here.

As part of Mojang’s lovely Community Celebration, they’ve been showcasing the very best that Minecraft players have to offer by making a bunch of fan-made content totally free. This week’s gift for Bedrock players is the fantastically detailed Farm Life mod, which will make your tiny Minecraft carrot and potato farm look trifling with over 50 new crops, as well as new herds, flocks, and… whatever the collective name for pigs is.

Grapes, corn, cows, banjos – all the staples of living that pastoral life can be found here in Farm Life. And was that a pink combine harvester? Hey, maybe Santa does read all the Christmas lists we send him after all!

Grab Farm Life here, or on the Minecraft Marketplace on your Switch, and start tending turkeys like it’s four days before Christmas.

Which Farm Life animal are you most excited to see in Minecraft? Personally, we’re thrilled about ducks. Let us know in the comments!

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