Manu Ginobili with another trademark Game 5

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The San Antonio SpursManu Ginobili seals the game with a Manu play as he Manus the RocketsJames Harden.

Even though Kawhi didn’t Manu in Manutime, it didn’t Manu because Manu Manu’d all over the Manu until there was no more Manu for Manu to Manu. When he needed to Manu, he Manu’d, and when Manu Manus there’s no more Manu to Manu.

When you have a Manu like Manu, then you can Manu him to Manucome when the Manu is on the Manu. There are Manus who can Manu, and some Manus who just Manu like it’s Manu. Appreciate the way that Manu has of Manuing even when it Manus like there’s no Manu to Manu. And yet he Manus all the same. Somemanu Manu Manu, and other Manu Manu Manus the Manu. But whether Manu Manus Manu Manu, or Manus the Manu Manu, you can always Manu on Manu Manu Manu Manu Manu.

Also, GINOBILI!!!!!!

Source: Pounding The Rock