Latino Media Network buys San Antonio Spanish speaking radio station

Megan Armstrong San Antonio News

Sonia Diaz, spokesperson for LMN, says the company has been working on this since June 2022. The deal was finally approved by the Federal Communications Commission at the end of December 2022. Here in San Antonio, LMN has purchased the KXTN AM station, which also began as KCOR — one of San Antonio’s first Spanish speaking stations.

That acquisition also comes with the KCOR property off Abe Lincoln Road on the Northwest Side.

Diaz says LMN is now working on who will be the CEO over all 18 stations, and they will build out programming and who will run each station, including here in San Antonio. A Nielsen report from February 2022 on Diverse Owned Media says that only 5% of all audiences are reached by Hispanic-owned radio. 

“A lot of people are still asleep at the wheel in terms of the influence and the impact that Latinos have,” Diaz says. “Particularly in music, because a lot of people feel like, ‘Why radio?’ But this is exactly where we bridge, our biculturalism.”

KCOR, according to the Texas State Historical Association, was one of the first Spanish-speaking stations in San Antonio that began broadcasting in 1946. Its founder, Raoul Alfonso Cortez, was a former reporter for La Prensa. The call sign was formed using the first three letters of his last name, Cortez. 

Morales is the chief of Moonshot Strategies at Equis and co-founder of Families Belong Together, Poderistas, and Supermajority. Valencia formerly worked at Google and is the co-founder and president at Equis as well as co-founder of Poderistas, Latino Talent Initiative, The Latina Collective, and Latinos44.

Of the 17 other stations, three of them are in Texas at Houston, Dallas, and McAllen. The remaining stations are in Los Angeles, New York City, Miami, Chicago, Fresno, and Las Vegas.