Gunshot victim found in Southwest Side street uncooperative with investigators

A gunshot wound victim found on a Southwest Side street reportedly refused to tell police what happened before she was taken to a hospital Friday afternoon.

San Antonio Police Sgt. Oscar O’Connor said the incident was reported at about 5:20 p.m. in the 6100 block of Birch Valley Drive.

A witness told police that a suspect and the woman were inside a pickup that pulled into the driveway of a residence.

O’Connor said the woman was seriously injured with a gunshot wound to her back, on what appeared to be either her neck or shoulder.

She was in surgery Friday evening, and police are waiting to hear if her wound is life-threatening.

In the meantime, detectives are working to determine whether she was shot inside the pickup before it arrived at the, or if she was shot outside the vehicle.

They also do not know if she got out on her own or if she was dragged out, police said.

He said the woman was not cooperative with police who asked her questions about the incident, and other witnesses so far had not been helpful.

“There’s a lot of holes to the situation here,” O’Connor said.

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