Derrick White discusses the Spurs season and how he plans to improve

White sat down for an interview with his hometown news CBS Denver.

It’s the offseason, and Spurs guard Derrick White is back in his hometown of Denver, CO. Last night he took the time to talk to Michael Spencer of CBS Denver during what appears to be a watch party for Game 4 of the Western Conference Finals.

He talked about the massive leap in minutes he saw this season, in no small part due to injuries, and how he prepared for it:

“I was working hard all summer just trying to be ready. It’s unfortunate what happened to Dejounte (Murray), and after that I knew that I had to step up. It took a little bit to get used to the speed and everything, and then once I really got my feet underneath me and my confidence up I was able to play and I learned a lot this year and I’m just going to try to build off of it.”

He also acknowledged his struggles after the Nuggets made adjustments following his Game 3 breakout and is ready to learn from it.

Finally, in the video (which you’ll need to click the link for), he talks about where he wants to improve his game the most this summer, and his answer is exactly what we want to hear: shooting. He experienced both the highs and lows of it during the playoffs, and confidence seems to be a key factor for him. When he lets it fly without hesitation, good things happen. If he can become a more confident and steady outside shooter this offseason, it will do wonders in opening up the Spurs offense next season.

Derrick White discusses the Spurs season and how he plans to improve
Source: Pounding The Rock

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