Damian Lillard Challenges Teams To Be ‘More Disciplined’ With COVID-19 Protocols

The NBA recently updated their COVID-19 protocols, making them even tighter as several games around the league have had to be postponed. While the end of the 2019-20 regular season and playoffs was finished in an isolated bubble at Walt Disney World, the league decided not to go that route this season.

There have been various opinions around the league on these new, more strict protocols. Damian Lillard recently gave Marc Spears of The Undefeated his take on the situation.

“Right now, I think I would say no to going back to the bubble. What we need to do is challenge each team and each organization to be more disciplined, and the players to be more disciplined, and understand that if one person decides to step outside the protocol and what they’re asking, how it can impact and affect other players, and not just those players, but their families and whoever they take it home to.

Lillard is challenging teams around the league to be more disciplined. If the season is going to happen smoothly, players will have to buckle down and take care of business off the court, making sure that they isolate themselves from others outside of their teammates and coaching staff.

The NBA has only released the first half of the schedule for the regular season to this point for the exact reason we are seeing today. As the number of postponed games continues to climb rapidly, there may have to be tweaks and adjustments if things don’t change.

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