Come See “Pop’s Culture” at the San Antonio Film Festival Today

ilana Marks, ILK Workshop

Pop’s Culture is screening at the San Antonio Film Festival TODAY…with a lot of mixed emotions.

I am very proud to announce that Pop’s Culture, the web series fostered and featured here on Pounding the Rock, is screening today at the San Antonio Film Festival. I am ashamed that I did not think to announce this news earlier. And, I am bereft, because Pop Puppet could not make the trip to San Antonio with me.

Pop Puppet and I have gone on so many adventures together. We chased anonymous henchmen into the stifling night; dozed off while reading our favorite NB(Y)A books; and woke up humming our favorite arias. He stands taller than anyone I know, but still is not tall enough to go on any of the rides at Warriors’ World. There is no one else that I would rather have by my side, packed lovingly into a duffel bag. But, alas, I flew Spirit, and you know how that goes.

If you are feeling impulsive on this summer Friday, I hope that you will join me at the screening today.

ilana Marks, ILK Workshop

August 2 @ 1pm
Pit Stops & Rabbit Holes Shorts Block
Tobin Center – McLaughlin Family Rotunda
Link to tickets:

Come See “Pop’s Culture” at the San Antonio Film Festival Today
Source: Pounding The Rock

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