Champions League Reform Plans Dealt Setback After Vote Delay

A meeting to ratify changes to the Champions League format from 2024 has been put back until next month, following a dispute between UEFA and the European Club Association (ECA), according to reports.

The ECA, which represents the interests of European clubs, want to have more say over how UEFA sells its rights to broadcasters and commercial partners.

There is not believed to be any dispute over the planned changes to the Champions League format, which would see an increase from six group games to ten, with clubs participating in a league table based on the Swiss Model.

The main competition will have 36 teams, instead of the current 32, with reports suggesting that two of those places may not even be dependent on where a club finishes in their domestic league.

It is unlikely that the row over commercial deals will scupper the plans entirely, though, and it is hoped a final vote on the proposals will be held on April 19th.

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