Cascarones are illegal at Government Canyon State Natural Area

A group of hikers stroll among the wildflowers at Government Canyon State Natural Area.John Goodspeed / For the Express-News

Cascarones — fun, messy, and turns out, best enjoyed away from this local natural area.

If you heading to Government Canyon State Natural Area, you should know the confetti eggs are not allowed. Carl Green, the state natural area’s business manager, told it’s prohibited because the confetti can be harmful to the wildlife and the native habitats.

“Confetti is so small and very difficult to clean up, and impossible in some cases, and animals can ingest things like where it can cause problems,” he said.

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Green said there could be a fine but it’s up to the police officer at Government Canyon on whether they give you a warning or citation. It is unclear how much the citation can cost.

Megan Radke with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department told they ask all guests who visit its parks to leave no trace of their visit. She noted littering is prohibited at all state parks.

If you plan to use confetti eggs this Easter weekend, TPWD asks that you use them on a solid surface and clean-up any trash they leave behind. However, Radke advises park-goers to call a ahead of visiting for specific policies on confetti eggs, as it varies.

We know it’s messy, so it’s best to just practice this tradition at home in the comfort of your own backyard.

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