UTD Unscripted: My road to recovery

I had the added motivation of watching my team-mates play. I wasn’t jealous of them, like you might think; I was just inspired by them. I’d be sat in front of the TV, watching United play. Maybe two months into my recovery, I said to myself: Come on now. I’m redoubling my efforts to get back in that team.

Just seeing the lads play gave me more energy for the task in hand.

As soon as I was with the team all the time, training well, I’d made my comeback in the Under-23s and I was mentally prepared for any match, ready to take my opportunity. I felt good.

On the eve of the Chelsea game in February, Victor, who had been playing all the time, had a slight illness. The coach had been watching me, had seen everything I had been doing in training, he knew he could count on me. Ole knew I could help the team. He didn’t hesitate, and the evening before the Chelsea game, he told me I’d be starting.

That was such a big moment for me.

I was really happy that I had given the coach that confidence to bring me in to help the team. 

So I came back in, and it was such a great feeling.

It was even better for the fact that we won an important game as well.

Now, I’m so happy to be back in action and in good health. I’m happy that my training is going well and to the normal plan, after so many months out, so I really want to make the most of this moment in my life.

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