Tim Duncan’s postgame presser was everything Spurs fans could dream of

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From seeing the players respond to him to his postgame presser, everything about it was fun.

Even if some don’t want to like it, there was a lot of joy in watching Tim Duncan coach his first NBA game in Monday’s 104-103 Spurs win over the Hornets. He started the game quietly but stood up and instructed as the game progressed, and seeing his tall figure standing on the sidelines in a blazer is a site we probably never thought we’d see.

He then surprised everyone by showing up for the post-game presser after most assumed it would be Will Hardy (since he did the pregame presser). It was even a surprise to who his longtime girlfriend, Vanessa Macis, and their daughter Quill sure seems to be enjoying watching her daddy on TV!

His press conference itself was particularly enjoyable. It’s probably the longest he has spoken in front of cameras since he retired, and his answers were both insightful and funny. He made sure the other assistants (yes, including Becky Hammon) were properly credited for equal effort in coaching the game.

He gave insightful thoughts on the players, especially the two who played perhaps the biggest roles in sparking the Spurs comeback in Dejounte Murray and Keldon Johnson. (They’ll be good ones.)

Perhaps the best part was when he channeled his inner Gregg Popovich after being asked why he came out of retirement.

If you haven’t seen it yet, here it is in its entirety.

Then of course, there’s what the players themselves had to say about about being led by Coach Timmy. Patty Mills threw a little shade at his old pal before delving deep into the experience.

Same with DeMar DeRozan.

Whether this is the last we’ve seen of “Head Coach” Tim Duncan is question for the future, but for now Pop has already rejoined the team in New York after dealing with some personal business and will coach the Spurs against the Nets on Friday. Regardless, it was fun while it lasted!

Now let’s see if he can beat his 6-minute presser when he has to speak at his Hall of Fame induction ceremony this summer.

Tim Duncan’s postgame presser was everything Spurs fans could dream of
Tim Duncan’s postgame presser was everything Spurs fans could dream of

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