There Are Five New Poké Lids In Kyoto

You’re either here because you remember our last post about Poké Lids, and you want to see more, or you’re here because you saw the headline and thought, “what the hell are Poké Lids?” Well, the latter is about to become the former, because these are Poké Lids:

Poké Lids are a collaboration between The Pokémon Company and whoever is in charge of Japanese sewers, and they function as brightly-coloured decorative manhole covers. It might seem like a strange collab, but Japan’s gorgeous manhole covers are so well-known that they even made it into Animal Crossing: New Horizons!

Chikorita and Shiftry under the falling leaves© Pokémon

Past Poké Lids have featured at least 150 different Pokémon, with several of the designs featuring two or more at once. These sewer-hats might be the only time you’ll ever see Lapras and Lickitung hanging out at the beach, or Mareep and Vulpix having a chat in a cornfield.

The newest five Poké Lids are all being installed in Kyoto parks, and feature a bunch of different Pokémon having fun in the sun.

The Pokémon Company is reportedly still working on making every single Poké Lid function as a PokéStop for Pokémon GO. You can check out every Poké Lid (and the cute merch that features some of the designs) on this handy website.

Which one of the new Lids is your favourite? Let us know in the comments.

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