The Spurs need to develop a clutch gene

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DeMar DeRozan said he talked to LaMarcus Aldridge about San Antonio’s recent late-game struggles.

It’s been a wild couple of weeks of Spurs basketball. Though they’ve won three of their last four games, it hasn’t exactly felt encouraging. All four games went into overtime — an NBA first — and the performance leading up to those extra sessions can only be described as mixed. In the first two games, wins over the Rockets and Kings, it appeared that the Spurs might be coming around because of their come-from-behind effort and clutch shooting to force OT.

The second two games, a loss to the cellar-dwelling Cavaliers at home and win against the Suns in Mexico City, entirely avoidable crunch time situations occurred after the Spurs had built late, sustainable leads but had difficulties at the end of regulation — thanks in no small part to their top two players failing to hit what should have been game-sealing free throws.

In episode 49 of the Superfluous Poppycock podcast (yes, episode 49, not quite 50 yet) Marilyn Dubinski joins me to discuss what DeMar DeRozan said to LaMarcus Aldridge about those late-game missed free throws, as well as:

  • What does it mean that Patty Mills is more reliable in the clutch than DeRozan and Aldridge?
  • How Lonnie Walker IV changes the Spurs by entering the game.
  • Is it time for Lonnie to start, possibly over Forbes?
  • The horrible on/off numbers for the starters.
  • And today’s unnecessary foolishness: Davis Bertans doesn’t mean what many people seem to think he does.

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The Spurs need to develop a clutch gene
The Spurs need to develop a clutch gene

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