The Spurs’ 2010’s All Decade Teams

There’s more to remember about the 2010’s Spurs than just the two best players at each position.

Happy New Years, Pounders! It’s officially 2020, and while it’s always up for debate over whether this or 2021 is actually the change of the decade (more on that below), it still felt like a good time to determine the Spurs All-Decade teams.

After voting and commenting, PtR’s 1st and 2nd All-2010’s Teams for the Spurs have been determined. A quick note: I know Tim Duncan played a decent amount of center in the latter years of his career, but he is after all the GOAT PUFF, and we’re not looking to change that fact here. (Also J.R. Wilco made the call.)

Spurs 2010’s All-Decade 1st Team

PG: Tony Parker (2010-18)

SG: Manu Ginobili (2010-18)

SF: Kawhi Leonard (2011-18)

PF: Tim Duncan (2010-16)

C: Tiago Splitter (2010-15)

Spurs 2010’s All-Decade 2nd Team

PG: Patty Mills (2012-present)

SG: Danny Green (2010-18)

SF: DeMar DeRozan (2018-present)

PF: LaMarcus Aldridge (2015-present)

C: Pau Gasol (2016-19)

Of course, the All-Decade teams don’t necessarily represent the Spurs greatest line-ups. Positions can be changed, and in the 2nd team’s case, it’s a unit that never even played together. As a result, we’ll continue to have fun with and build some more All-Decade teams over the next few days based on groups that truly did play together, aren’t hamstrung by position, etc, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, how about a bonus poll to see if that all important debate up above can be solved here? (For the record, I’m in the camp of 2020 being the turn of the decade just because that’s when the 10’s number changes, and to a further extent, back in the day you couldn’t tell 14-year-old me that 2000 wasn’t the change of the millennium when I had to adjust to writing four new numbers in the year, compared to just one in 2001.)

The Spurs’ 2010’s All Decade Teams
The Spurs’ 2010’s All Decade Teams

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