The Last Dance: San Antonio Spurs players list their favorite Air Jordan sneakers

To celebrate the final episodes of The Last Dance, we’re looking at some San Antonio Spurs players’ favorite Air Jordan shoes, according to the team’s IG.

All eyes have been on ‘The Last Dance’ documentary series with the NBA season suspended. Without new games to soak up our attention, the basketball world has clung onto these famed stories of the past, illuminating younger fans to the greatness that Michael Jordan boasted. This restored interest in Jordan’s legacy has sprung up in the San Antonio Spurs as well.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve seen Spurs players from various ages speaking about Jordan’s legacy, his impact on the game, and on their individual growth. One area we haven’t heard all that much about is his otherworldly presence in the sneaker game.

For basketball players, shoes are much more than just a piece of apparel—kicks are an expression of self. One Spurs player in particular, seven-time All-Star LaMarcus Aldridge, frequently wears Air Jordan shoes and is even endorsed by Jordan Brand. You can catch LMA sporting various editions of the classic shoe on and off the court at just about any Spurs basketball game.

Recently, the Spurs social media team reached out to some of the players to discuss their favorite Jordan sneakers. They published this for the fans to take note of on the team’s Instagram page with art designs of various editions of the shoes to accompany their quotes.

As we celebrate Jordan’s legacy and his impact on basketball culture, let’s take a look at what some fan favorites think of these kicks and which are most impactful to them. To start off, we’re going to look at two colorways of the most iconic shoe ever.

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