Story Of Seasons: Pioneers Of Olive Town Has Sold Over 700k Worldwide

Yay, Egg!

Holy cow! Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town might be the best-selling Story of Seasons title so far, although don’t make us do the whole “what counts as a Story of Seasons game” thing right now because it is Friday and we are SLEEPY.

Marvelous Japan, the publisher for Story of Seasons (or Bokujo Monogatari, as it’s called over there) in the East, posted to their blog today, stating that Pioneers of Olive Town has sold a total of 700,000 copies worldwide. Sure, some of those might be people who bought the digital edition because their Deluxe Edition physical release has been delayed, but still – that’s a huge number of sales for a relatively niche game.

Oh my god, Bridget, you can't just ask if someone's pregnant
Oh my god, Bridget, you can’t just ask if someone’s pregnant

It’s hard to say exactly if Story of Seasons’ sales make it the best-selling BokuMono game of all time, because sales figures for Japan are easy enough to get, but North America, and Europe are a little hard to find. According to the Video Game Sales wiki, the first Story of Seasons game in 2014 sold a total of around 450,000 between North America and Japan, and Trio of Towns sold 220,000 in Japan.

But even if it’s not the best-selling Story of Seasons game, it’s still quite a feat for a farming game to be creeping towards the big One Million Sales mark, right? Well, Stardew Valley sold 400k in its first two weeks, and hit 10 million sales at the start of 2020, so… there’s quite a way to go, but it’s never a bad thing for more people to be falling in love with farming.

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