Spanish Grand Prix Recap
Photo by Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Meg and Spanners cover the action-packed race, including McLaren’s odd tire strategy, Hamilton on the podium, and the tension between Leclerc and Sainz

Meg and Spanners are back to cover the action-packed Barcelona Grand Prix! They first discuss the track and whether it will continue to be on the schedule as the cars outgrow the course (01:48). Then, they discuss Lando Norris’s race and his admittance to losing it in the first stint (04:25). This leads to a conversation about which team has the best car in Formula One (10:23) and McLaren’s odd tire strategy during the race (13:55). They praise Mercedes as they seem to have found a strategy that fits their car and discuss the rivalry between Russell and Hamilton, evident in this race with Hamilton on the podium for the first time this season (21:05). They debate where Mercedes is in the pecking order of best teams (31:26) and break down the Ferrari tension between Leclerc and Sainz as Sainz continues to search for a new team to sign with (37:00). Finally, they anticipate what the upcoming races will look like in Austria and Great Britain (49:15).

Host: Megan Schuster
Guest: Spanners Ready
Producer: Olivia Crerie

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