Sonic Expands Its Social Media Reach With New Official Channels For Latin America

Over the past few years, the Sonic the Hedgehog social media channels have been considered to be right up there with the best in gaming. Now, more fans will be able to enjoy what these accounts have to offer.

Sega has opened up Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube accounts for Sonic fans in Latin America. These channels will provide news and other content in Latin Spanish and, alongside the already-established English-language accounts, will receive regular content updates throughout 2021 as the franchise celebrates its 30th anniversary.

Up until his resignation from the role last year, Sonic’s western social media accounts were led by Aaron Webber. Through the likes of livestreams and a funny, laid back approach to the handling of Sonic’s Twitter account, Webber became super popular within the Sonic community and helped to truly give the brand its own unique flavour online.

The team now continues without him, and these new accounts seem to be a positive step forward, as explained by Social Media and Influencer Manager, Katie Chrzanowski:

Thanks to Andrew for the tip!

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