San Antonio’s Künstler Brewing to release Sake Bomb, an Imperial IPA brewed with sake yeast

click to enlarge Künstler Brewing is ready to drop a bomb on SA — a sake bomb, that is. - PHOTO COURTESY KÜNSTLER BREWING

  • Photo Courtesy Künstler Brewing
  • Künstler Brewing is ready to drop a bomb on SA — a sake bomb, that is.

Künstler Brewing is ready to drop a bomb on SA. A sake bomb, that is.

The craft brewpub will release a unique imperial IPA brewed with sake yeast this Saturday. The beer is the first of its kind in Texas, according to the Southtown spot’s owner and head brewer, Vera Deckard.

“When I heard that sake yeast could ferment malts, I was curious about the flavors this would produce,” she told the Current. “It’s kind of a unique thing, in that maybe two breweries in the country, from what I can tell, and certainly no breweries in Texas, have brewed a beer with sake yeast.”

Imperial IPAs tend to be stronger, sweeter and hoppier than a regular IPA. In this case, Deckard constructed hops and grain profiles meant to enhance the citrus and tropical flavors expected from the sake yeast. She also added a substantial amount of rice to the brewing process.

This new take on the style is a hazy yellow brew which, according to her tasing notes, is fruit-forward, boasting big notes of apricot and peach sorbet. The suds then finish with notes of orange zest and resinous hops.

A later release will give the Sake Bomb another fittingly Japanese twist. Künstler brewmasters saved half of the current batch and plan to dry hop it with Sencha Green Tea.

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