River City’s Kunio And Riki Join 3D Arena Brawler Mighty Fight Federation

If there weren’t already enough brawlers, one other upcoming release you might want to keep an eye on the 3D arena game, Mighty Fight Federation. If you’ve played anything like Capcom’s Power Stone, you’ll probably be familiar with the concept.

In the latest update, developer Komi Games announced a collaboration with Arc System Works. As you can see, Kunio and Riki from the Kunio-kun / River City series will be appearing as guest fighters alongside duos like ToeJam & Earl and Yooka-Laylee.

Mighty Fight Federation got an early access release on PC in February and is planned to be released on the Nintendo Switch at a later date. More updates about Kunio and Riki will be revealed soon. Does this look like your kind of brawler? Tell us below.

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