Richard Jefferson kicks off new show with hilarious interview of Tim Duncan

Richard Jefferson kicks off new show with hilarious interview of Tim Duncan
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Timmy rarely does interviews, but he agreed to one with an old teammate. (Or did he?)

Richard Jefferson will always have an interesting place in Spurs lore. He was arguably the biggest free agency signing of the Big Three era when he arrived in 2009 after a career year in Milwaukee, but the fit was awkward, and he was traded for Stephen Jackson after just two-and-a-half seasons. The relationship between him and the Spurs has never been perfect (at least from a fan perspective), but there is seemingly no ill will (unlike players like Jackson and Robert Horry).

That being said, Jefferson is still a good basketball analyst with an underrated sense of humor, and that showed in the pilot episode of his new YouTube show, “The Richard and Larry Show”, with Larry being the Larry O’Brien trophy. In a teaser video for the first episode, Jefferson “begs” his old teammate Tim Duncan for an interview and to bring Larry along, and Tim “begrudgingly” accepts (although it appears RJ also kidnapped Larry while not answering calls to bring it back).

The official interview came out today, and it’s as funny as advertised. Featuring both of their dry senses of humor, Duncan perfectly played the role of “why am I here answering these dumb questions”, while Jefferson acts like a nervous, starstruck interviewer. Things immediately get awkward with a question about the 2004 Olympic team, which neither player wanted too much credit for, plus a little game of “Start, bench, cut” that included Tim’s own teammates and some goats, which he wanted no part of.

Tim also talked about the Joey Crawford incident and that time he shoved Jefferson — then a member of the Warriors — away from the Spurs’ side of the scorers table and gave him an epic stare down. They both tried to force the other to sing their favorite karaoke song to no avail and discussed how Tim was a fashion setter and never new it, considering his epically baggy jeans are now being worn by some notable NBA stars.

The whole thing is hilarious and worth a quick watch when you have five minutes.

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