Random: This Zelda: Breath Of The Wild As A Polly Pocket Is All We’ve Ever Wanted

It used to be that the only time our favourite games and our childhood toys met was in our dreams, where a horribly mutated My Little Pony would chase us through Resident Evil‘s halls while a Care Bear and a Cabbage Patch Kid chanted nursery rhymes menacingly in the background.

Isn’t it much nicer to witness someone else’s mash up of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Polly Pocket? Finally: A Link we can shove right up our nostrils. We’ve been begging Nintendo for years.

An artist by the name of Brittnie – @evergreenqveen on Twitter – has created this beautiful, golden Polly Pocket drawing, complete with teeny-tiny details like Koroks, the Master Sword, a Shrine, and Beedle, who waits patiently for a teeny-tiny Link to buy his teeny-tiny wares. What’s more, the whole thing is inside a triangle – but not just any triangle! THE triangle! The one that all the Zelda games are about!

You can own Brittnie’s art for yourself, too – she has prints on her shop, which include the Breath of the Wild one, as well as some rather sweet Pokémon Polly Pockets inside Pokeballs.

Of course, if it’s real-world video game Polly Pockets you want, there’s always this Animal Crossing one – but you can’t have it, and there’s only one in the world. Sorry!

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