Random: There’s A Korok Hidden In This Tiny Recreation Of Link’s House From Zelda: BOTW

Yahaha! A korok emerges from behind Link's house

There’s only one thing we love more than Zelda, and that’s tiny things. Actually, two things we love more than Zelda: tiny things, and really tiny things. Remember the Zelda Polly Pocket? And the Animal Crossing Polly Pocket? It’s been a great year for fans of little things and video games.

Luckily, today, we won’t have to choose: this miniature recreation of Link’s house from Breath of the Wild ticks all three boxes.

Look at the tiny banans! Marvel at the itty-bitty butterflies!!
Look at the tiny banans! Marvel at the itty-bitty butterflies!! (Image: u/Ethirdes)

The tiny house was made by Reddit user Ethirdes out of popsicle sticks, card board, and Super Sculpey, a brand of polymer clay. It’s packed with teeeeny-tiny details, like an assortment of weapons, food, recipe posters, and items that eagle-eyed fans might recognise from the game.

In fact, there’s even a secret hidden (in plain sight) – a tiny Korok! (If you find him, let us know in the comments. Not because we can’t find him. Nope. We definitely know where he is.)

We’re not the only ones who think that Link’s house would be a lot nicer if it was packed full of stuff like this model – in fact, there’s even a mod for the game that adds a fast-travel point, a cooking fire, lamps, and a pet chicken.

Leetle potions! Wee plates!!
Leetle potions! Wee plates!! (Image: u/Ethirdes)

There’s not much else we can say that the photos don’t already cover, except that this is stinkin’ cute, and we really hope to see more of this kind of attention to detail from fans – or, perhaps, a teeny-tiny Zelda game. Yeah, we know, like Minish Cap, just… more of it.

Okay, did you find the Korok? Let us know. Again, not because we didn’t find it. We just want to see if you did.

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