Random: Take a Nostalgic Virtual Walk With This Video of Every StreetPass Puzzle

Good times...
Good times…

It’s remarkable to think that the 3DS is now over 10 years old; it was a family of systems that didn’t smash sales records like its DS predecessors, but nevertheless won a place in many Nintendo gamer’s hearts. It was a handheld with so much personality and neat extras – themes, folders and more – that we’d love to see on Nintendo Switch.

Arguably the best of its features was StreetPass, which encouraged you to take your portable with you everywhere and meet strangers’ Mii characters. At the time it was quite a big deal; you could go to hotspots to gather hits, there were StreetPass social groups and game expos were a hotbed of connections. There were various minigames based around it, but the simplest and perhaps most iconic was the StreetPass puzzles. Over time Nintendo released a lot of them, and it took plenty of effort to fill out all of these neat 3D dioramas and images.

It’s an activity that evokes strong memories. This writer once recalls lurking outside a Pizza Hut with site boss Damien McFerran just for some hotspot hits, and another occasion passing a fellow NLifer who was on Holiday from the other side of the world; we only realised we’d literally passed in the street when we saw each other’s Miis and messaged each other.

Good times, and if you have similar StreetPass memories the video below from The Famicast does what was impossible for most of us back then; it shows every StreetPass puzzle, apart from one Korea-exclusive variant of Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball – we’ll let them off.

Do you have fond memories of StreetPass on 3DS?

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