Poll: How should Spurs fans welcome Kawhi Leonard back to San Antonio?

Pop wants a respectful welcome for Kawhi, but will he get it?

Tomorrow is the day NBA fans and pundits across the spectrum have been waiting for. Kawhi Leonard will return to face the team that drafted and built him into a star, but he silently begrudged into trading him: the San Antonio Spurs. While Leonard says it’s going to be fun playing the Spurs, and Gregg Popovich and Patty Mills hope Spurs fans will be respectful and give him a warm welcome —

— that doesn’t mean all 18,581 fans in attendance will heed their advice. Even here at PtR there has been debate over how to act when his name is announced, ranging from applause to the silent treatment to boos, so that means it’s time for another poll. How do you think Spurs fans should welcome Leonard back? (Note: this is not asking how you think the fans actually will react, but rather what you think they should do.)

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Source: Pounding The Rock

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