pen Thread: Spurs Mural Tour stop #13

My daughter takes my wife on an unexpected turn

My daughter has a thing for pandas. And because of me she has a thing for the Spurs. But when the two came together…

Apparently, my wife was cutting through a neighborhood on her way from picking up my daughter at school and Elizabeth hollered out “Panda” followed by “Spurs, it’s a Spurs panda.” so my wife pulled over.

In addition to her power animal wearing the jersey of Manu Ginobili (which just proves his international acclaim), there is a graffiti portrait of Tim Duncan, who celebrates his birthday tomorrow.

In addition to the panda and the Spurs, my daughter was wearing her Star Wars shirt to boot. Who says you can’t teach your children everything?

I will follow up this week to get the exact address so that you can add it to your own mural tour. In addition, I will do my best to get the artist’s info and connect with him or her as well.

Just a little Spurs sunshine to start your day off right. We all could use it this morning in lieu of a free cup of coffee.

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pen Thread: Spurs Mural Tour stop #13
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