Open Thread: Spurs players reveal their all-time favorite holiday films

Everyone has a favorite holiday movie, even the members of the San Antonio Spurs. During Thursday’s telecast of the final preseason game, some of those holiday faves were revealed.

Patty Mills, Dejounte Murray, and Jakob Poeltl chose Home Alone while A Christmas Story made Rudy Gay’s list.

Drew Eubanks and Spurs rookie Tre Jones chose the Will Ferrell laugh-fest Elf.

And Keldon Johnson grew up watching 2004’s The Polar Express each winter.

There are so many holiday films these days. From traditional classics like White Christmas, It’s a Wonderful Life and Miracle on 34th Street to the modern-day comedies National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and Trading Places, there is no shortage of holiday entertainment.

There are innumerable version of the Charles Dickens classic Christmas Carol. This year alone my family has watched The Muppet version as well as Bill Murray’s take in Scrooged.

There are some stinkers as well. Poor Vince Vaughn, he’s made two of the worst – Fred Claus and Four Christmases. One could also take a pass on any Home Alone sequel not featuring Macauley Culkin. My wife also sat through Love the Coopers and told me I was better off for sleeping. But if you want to indulge in the worst holiday special of all time, look no further than 1978’s The Star Wars Holiday Special.

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For years I thought I had dreamed this up as it never aired a second time and apparently was never spoken of again. Just to be sure, I sat through the entire 98 minutes again. I took the hit so you can do something else.

For every unnecessary Hollywood dollar-chasing film (Ernest Saves Christmas, Jingle All the Way) there is the lesser know occasional gem. My household has enjoyed the most recent animated version of The Grinch, the 1969 Frosty the Snowman, A Charlie Brown Christmas, Edward Scissorhands, and Emmet Otter’s Jugband Christmas.

There are some in which the jury is still out- Love, Actually, Deck the Halls, Mixed Nuts, Bad Santa, and The Family Stone keep popping up on TV, but there is a hesitation to allot the necessary time.

In my house it has been a tradition to watch A Christmas Story at least once during the twenty-four hours in which it is continuously airing. And now my daughter is old enough to have some favorites that must be seen over the break.

Pounders, what are your favorites? What movie cannot go unwatched each year as you prepare for Santa to come down the chimney? What is your classic, all-time top holiday movies?

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