Open Thread: Spurs fans weigh in on the Western Conference Finals

Do either of these teams stand a chance against the Death Star?

No Kevin Durant, no problem. Stephen Curry will score 16 points in less than 4 minutes. And even if he doesn’t, James Harden will unravel as he always does. And if he doesn’t, Chris Paul will run out of gas.

So now the Warriors head into the next round, possibly with a fully loaded roster. Kevin Durant may be back and there is word DeMarcus Cousins may be able to return from quad injury in time for the next round. (Wait, I thought a quad injury caused a player to miss all but nine games of an entire season before spreading to their butt . . .)

Simple question: which team has the best chance of knocking out the Golden State Warriors in the Western Conference Finals? Denver Nuggets or Portland Trail Blazers?

And separately, is that the team you are rooting for today?

Also, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! Call your mama and send some love.

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Open Thread: Spurs fans weigh in on the Western Conference Finals
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