Many Advertisers Keeping Money In Holding Pattern Until NBA Resumes Season

According to Digiday, many advertisers have been specifically waiting to allocate their budgets for the return of the NBA.

Many of Omnicom Media Group’s clients that had been set to advertise against the NBA opted to keep that money in a holding pattern until the league’s season resumed, said Jeremy Carey, managing director of Optimum Sports, Omnicom’s sports marketing agency.

Havas Media has held on to all dollars that had been earmarked for the NBA, said Jeff Gagne, noting that the NBA attracts a younger audience “that is not readily available on television, whereas football is just broad.”

One question facing everyone is how sports will compete against each other for ratings when they typically try to avoid conflict. Game 7 of the NBA Finals would be aired on October 12th on ABC, while ESPN airs a Monday Night Football Game featuring the New Orleans Saints and Los Angeles Chargers.

“Inherently, there will be an initial spike and maybe some falloff,” said one agency executive of the potential of viewer fatigue.

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