Lakers Offered Dennis Schroder Full Amount Allowed On Extension

Dennis Schroder is scheduled to become a free agent with the Los Angeles Lakers this offseason and he appears unlikely to sign an extension during the season.

A report before the deadline indicated the Lakers and Schroder were far apart on extension talks.

“What is going to happen with Dennis Schroder and the Lakers long-term here?” said Brian Windhorst on his podcast. “They were absolutely offering him for Kyle Lowry last week. And here’s the thing: so Schroder became eligible to sign a contract extension in late February, so at least a month now. From what I understand, they’ve had contract talks and they couldn’t agree to an extension. Now, the most that Schroder could extend for under his current contract, because when you extend a contract, you’re under some limit on how much you can get a raise. The maximum he can sign for is four years and $84 million if he totally maxes out what he’s able to do on an extension. That is very close to the contract Fred VanVleet signed with the Toronto Raptors last offseason.”

The Lakers may have already offered Schroder the full amount allowed on an extension.

“What I’ve been told and this rumor is pretty widely out there so I doubt it’s very surprising, is that the Lakers did indeed offer him that $84 million over four years. Now, this is where we get in a gray area. Was it fully guaranteed? Was it partially guaranteed? Were there incentives? Blah, blah, blah. But I believe he was offered a contract in that realm and he said ‘no’ to that extension. And the Lakers subsequently offered him in trade for Kyle Lowry.

“What does this mean for Schroder coming out of this season? There is not going to be a deep free agent market for point guards. There are going to be a number of teams out there who need to sign them.”

Marc Stein of the New York Times also reported on Tuesday that Schroder rejected a four-year deal worth approximately $80 million.

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