How sewerage scuppered United at Sunderland

“When we got to the ground, there was a ‘drip, drip, drip’, they had a bucket under this drip and they said: ‘Oh, we’ve got a leak in the ceiling’. So all the boys were getting ready, they’re all walking around this bucket, the manager was sat in the corner, like he did. He had done his team-talk at the hotel and was reading the match programme. We all went out on the pitch for the warm-up.

“We’d been out there for a few minutes and one of the security guards came and said: ‘Albert, I think you’d better come in the dressing room, that bucket’s getting a bit full’. By the time we got back in the changing room, the bucket had been changed to a bin.

“Well, we walked in and they had these ceiling tiles, before you could say ‘whip’, one of the ceiling tiles just burst out. S**t everywhere! The gaffer just got out. It was all over the suits, the clothes, up the walls, up the ceiling. Berbatov was going mad about his shoes. His shoes had just sunk in three inches of s**t.”

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