Here are the grocery store products that have gotten more expensive during the coronavirus pandemic

You might have noticed your grocery bill is a little higher than normal. Prices for some grocery staples have gone up during the coronavirus pandemic.

With panic buying, people cooking at home more and shortages, some grocery basics have been more in demand. And according to seasonally adjusted data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the pandemic has resulted in price increases.

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Egg prices rose 16.1% last month. Overall, meat prices rose 3.3%. Chicken prices shot up 5.8%, the biggest spike ever. Beef prices rose 3.7%, pork cost 3% more, and fresh fish prices also rose 4.2%.

Baked good prices also raised. Bread was 3.7% more expensive, its largest price jump ever. Cookies, sweet rolls, coffeecakes and doughnuts all became about 5% more expensive. Fresh biscuits, rolls and muffins also had a 4.7% price increase.

In produce, fruit and vegetable prices rose by 1.5% and canned vegetable prices soared 3.6%.

And it’s not just the basics. Carbonated drink prices are up 4.5% and snacks are up 3.8%.

While products are slightly more expensive, panic buying has since slowed. Toilet paper is no longer the hot commodity it once was.

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